Oct 20, 2017

Short and sweet weekend giveaway

Yep.  October's end is coming near.  Damn winter better move as quickly.
I haven't mentioned that I am having difficulties with my arms.  The doctor thinks (and I fear) that my neck is worsening and causing this.  But I also have an impinged shoulder, whose pain is dwarfed by bicep tendinitis.  Wowee that's a strange thing.  The pain starts in the tendon, radiates through the bicep, intensifying during the two minutes in which you drop to your knees.  Sometimes it just makes you grab that flabby wing and doesn't get worse, but if it does, you have to wonder how that much pain could come from hanging skin and weak muscle.  I can't take the steroid pack until I get the kidney function test, which I failed to do when getting the mammogram.  I picked something up when I took Carole for tests, even though I foamed my hands at every dispenser in the place. The other pain in my ass is gone.  The one I've had for over two years of trying to get workers here.  The contractor's recommended framer that was to be here Wednesday did not show, nor did he call.  I'm done.  Minor issues compared to what others face.
So guess what?  I'm having a giveaway.  Again.  This sweet little pillow has not sold along with a few other items and I decided to offer it instead of the box I had planned.

It's a nice rustic linen in a medium tan, backed with the burgundy starred fabric.
6-3/4" wide x 4" tall adaptation of a sampler I can't remember.
Drawing will be Sunday evening 10/22 at 9 pm EST, US only please.
Leave your entry in the comments with your initials or name, or you can email me.  Keep in mind I can't contact you because of no-reply so please check back to see if you've won.
Enjoy your weekend.

Oct 18, 2017

Skinny mini board

As usual, not the best photo quality.



Oct 17, 2017

We have a finalist

After experimenting with various display options, I think my original idea will be the best.  At first the wood was narrower which also reduced the lollipop, and it just didn't balance well when the sampler was added.  I think once stained and aged, the larger piece will work out just fine.  And if not, it can always be cut down a little.  Right now it's only 4 1/2" wide.  Still a skinny mini!

I considered transferring this to a graph and offering the chart for sale, but it may end up like my first attempt at selling my design.  Crabasses don't handle rejection well so it's best to avoid it!
Carole's mammo was clear, my gyn visit was good, mammo and kidney test Thursday.
Have a good humpday!

Oct 16, 2017

Busy busy

Greetings!   Hope your weekend went well.  We had friends come in from Nevada and enjoyed some time with them.  The rest of the weekend was leaf blowing and painting. 
We finally heard back from the contractor, with apology, and he offered another name and phone number for the siding/windows.  So I called, he answered, and is coming out this week to take a look and offer suggestions.  I made clear that it will not be vinyl, silence on the phone.  We'll see.  But whether it be him or the contractor, spring will probably be the time frame. 
So I went to work with paint brush in hand, and did the doors back to the original color before they faded to a light gray.  What a difference.  At least the house is presentable until the work can be done. 
 You can't see how bad the cedar is from the road (except for one side) and with the doors and their trim a solid paint color it looks so much better.  The weathered cedar planks on the front door were weathered to a light beige and I didn't want them dark but it was all I had on hand.  I love it. 
The only color I have is the flag, rust, and a seasonal flower.
Mammo and doc week for my sister and I.  Hope you all get your boobies checked annually.
Have a sweet day!

Oct 13, 2017

Schoolers coming to Ebay and Mary Beale

Hopefully soon.  Way too complicated to do this on site and keep sales straight without a cart to show buyer's address.  If there are any here that you've been looking for, I will post the Ebay sale dates beforehand.  To see the charts you can image search online by title.

I'm selling all my Prairie Schoolers, in order...

#9    Johnny Appleseed
#10  Prairie Christmas
#13  Prairie Year
#14  Holiday Homestead
#16  Prairie Flowers
#17  Woodland Sampling
#19  Rabbit Folk
#20  St. Nicholas
#21  Doorstops
#23  Prairie Year II
#24  Prairie Birds  -  maybe
#25  Up on the Housetop
#28  Stockings & more
#29  Christmas miniatures
#31  Adam names the creatures
#32  Christmas ark
#35  Prairie Garden
#36  St. Nicholas II
#37  Holiday Harvest
#38  Prairie Lodge
#41  Still Life  -  maybe
#42  Angels
#43  Father Christmas
#44  Birds & Berries
#45  Garden Samplers
#47  Santa Rides
#48  A Christmas Visit
#51  Christmas Past
#53  Santa Moon
#56  Garden Birds
#58  Old St. Nick
#62  Kris Kringle
#73  Christmas Samplers II
#80  Old World Santas
#88  Old World Santas II

These charts have the original owner's name written in black marker, some have small address labels on the front, some have removed label, some have the original shop's inventory sticker.
  I have been going through charts for Christmas looking for a small Santa to stitch and came across the Mary Beale cards.  I have Family Christmas I and II, Merry Christmas III and IV and am offering them for postage.  I am very surprised at some of the prices on EBay when they can be downloaded for $5 on her site along with both Christmas wreaths for $5, angel stockings for $5, and sampler stockings for $7. 
Mine have worn edges and damage to the front where labels were removed (not on the photo or chart).  They are full size cards with charts on the back.  DMC threads.  If anyone would like one or all (Mary's only), please leave your request in a comment, make sure to include your email so I can contact you.  UPDATE - received an email to claim the charts.
 Photos from her website.
Family I
 Family II
Merry Christmas III

Merry Christmas IV

Oct 12, 2017

I like it!

We had an all day light rain for a change, and I got a haircut that I absolutely hate.   Bud has been enjoying the warm weather and it should continue though the weekend.
So what do you think?  Damn good looking I think, for only 3" wide and making it up as I went along.  It's only finger pressed right now and if it will hang on its own I would like the edges hemstitched.  But I'm also thinking that a long very thin hornbook style mount would be nice with a decorative top.
I'll show a few close-ups of the stitching when it's pressed and finished IF ..  the computer cooperates.  I've been getting the blue screen after downloading Windows updates.
I was looking through the papers that came with the new car and saw this - Mom would be proud!
Browsed birthday cards for a friend and saw one that hit my giggle button.  Isn't it embarrassing when you have a laughing fit in the card aisle?
"A fine wine gets better with age."
"Too bad you're not a grape."
Hope your week is going well.
Thanks for visiting.

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