Dec 15, 2017

Thumbs up!

Julia emailed to tell me about a solution to my thumb issue. 

Unbeknownst to me, there are finger covers for quilters called Quilter's Tips.  That brand is flexible plastic and one size for all.  The are meant to allow for a better hold on fabric and small pieces.
Another is Finger Cots sold in S, M, and L.  On searching, I found that these latex tips are available in 144 count boxes for cheap (medical category).  They do look like mini condoms, no?
I thought this may be the answer but with no where to purchase locally and not wanting to wait for shipment, I pulled out the box of latex gloves.  I use them for hair and linen dyeing, painting, detergent waters, and now ... stitching!  And from now on, a full finger or open ended piece will be keeping bandaids on whenever I have a cut.  Perfect.
The thumb was not snug so I cut off a smaller finger and it hasn't moved a bit.  It's not that my finger's soreness will be any better when stitching but I don't have to be concerned that the needle will enter the split, or be caught in a bandaid.  The ointment and covering are secure and the latex not only protects but gives me a good grab on the needle.  Thank you so much Julia!!  I may use this even after healing.
Since I thought today was Saturday, and it wasn't, I get to have two Saturdays.  Big deal.  My big outing was riding along when Mark drove Carole to her Christmas party and getting a pizza on the way home.  Can't even drive with this shoulder/arm. 
Have a good weekend!

A Simple Life

Greetings to one and all.  Just a quick post to offer you the newest issue of A Simple Life.  Sneak peak is here
It is more pioneer style, early, and not me.  I will mail it out for postage (US only) and that should be $5.00 for 13 oz First Class  (4.50 plus .50 in Paypal Fees).   I was surprised to see that the regular size flat rate Priority Mail envelope is now $6.65!
If you'd like this issue mailed in a manila envelope, let me know by email, link at top right. 
I have many back issues I no longer want to store and hate to recycle them, not sure but I may Ebay them for a very reasonable price. 
 Email link is top right for the newest issue.
Have a great Saturday!

Dec 13, 2017

Tap...tap ....tap

Hello?  Becky J?  Hope to hear from you soon.  Click the postcard at right to email me.

Kelly, can't reply to you.  I did not stitch the Santa pillow (Postman), he was a gift from my SIL.  I'm not that patient!
Just because she is a queen, someone decided that tree will be hers, not Bud's. 
She didn't want to give up the spot, so was sleeping while sitting.  She finally got down to grab some chow, and ...

There seems to be a little war going on.  I think I will need a bigger table.

We have a local Cycle Shop that carries parts and my nephew went down WITH the bulb that needed replaced.  She brings out two Honda bulbs for $56 for his Polaris, and he assumed they were cross referenced since she was holding the original bulb.  They were not, and do not fit.  He took them back and the bitch (manager) said "read the fine print, no returns".  But it was your mistake!  Too bad.  They will not refund his money.  I am so PO'd.  They don't care if they are wrong, or if what they are doing is against the consumer protection laws.  So what do you do?  Hire an attorney for $56?  Write an editorial in the paper about their service?  They already have a bad reputation and have done this to others.  Live and learn I guess, they will get away with it.
Last night started like this..
and ended this morning like this...

On top of that, therapy was brutal.  Needless to say, the snark has landed.
Hope your day has some sunshine.
And chocolate.
Becky - hope all is well - please contact me.

The Budman simplicity

 Bud.  The last lonely tree waiting patiently for ornaments, probably the dried oranges from Monahan.  Bud thinks it's fine as is.  We both feel the need for simplicity this year.
For those of you that like Yankee Candles, today only, large candles are 5 for $55.  Another nice gift for hostess or exchange.  They go really fast and a lot of fragrances are already sold out.
He's telling Missy to get out of the cold as she waits for entrance.  See her little ears in the center?  She is so small.  They are both in now, Nitiot (Nitzy) is still roaming and doesn't usually come in until night.  Their condos are in the garage with the litter and he gives me a hard time every day, having to chase him out.  He runs and hides knowing we will not try to pick him up.  Weird he is.
 And just to show you how unsettled and indecisive I am, for the third time, the mantel  changed.  I am needing simplicity and just can't take all the small items scattered around.  I had to wear gloves to protect the thumb, except for the feathers.
The boys were moved to a small cupboard top and I will add a few greens later.
Lots of errands today, before the snow comes.  In case I haven't mentioned it before, I hate winter.  Just so you know.
Enjoy your day!

Dec 12, 2017


that took a while!  For the first time, I had more email entries than comment entries.  The name chosen is Becky J.   I can't contact you Becky so please email me with your request, I'm assuming it will be 123Stitch since that is where your wishlist is! 
Thanks everyone for participating, hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas or holiday you celebrate.
I believe this ornament was a free chart but I can't remember.  Hope I still have it in my bulging file. 
Still no stitching, my thumb crack will not heal regardless of lotion and medicated creams.  Extended more today with more bleeding, just can't hold a needle.  I may go to Urgent Care and see if they will use the glue on it.  Thought I could buy it but haven't found it yet. 

This Santa has a beard of knots, really hard to tell from the photo.  The last several years' favorites were the slim, mostly PS Santas, but this year the rolly polly guys are making me smile.  Not sure whose he is because I sold/gave away most of them.
 Have a good evening!

Dec 11, 2017


Found another one.  I have no idea how she reached them hanging from a wall sconce but she sure did ruin them.  Since it's turned cold and snowy, the brats have decided the house is a good place to be, as long as we don't touch them.  Bud likes to sit on my lap, and I can sometimes scratch the other two, but that is not the norm.  I would like to order a cat tree for them but they are so filthy that I must have a cover over those carpeted rests.  I'm not sure Big Bud would even fit from what I've seen in the stores.  Seriously.  They love their cardboard boxes, maybe we can rig a stand for them.
I don't know where this came from but found another Santa, this one on teal linen.  Must be from my SIL.  Using brighter colors (especially teal) would not be an option for me, but to my surprise I love him.  Who would think that a bland, raw, unbleached, natural kind of gal would fall in love with aqua-man?  They say the older we get the more we need color, in clothing, shoes, cars, jewelry.  Why is that?  So our failing eyesight can see it?  To attract butterflies?  To stand out in a crowd when we get lost?  To keep us awake and alert?  Maybe a little color in our stitching would be a good thing.
I'm going for a pair of glasses after therapy tomorrow and wanted something a little larger which seems to be the style.  I chose a square-ish thin black frame and everyone likes the thick rounded tortoise shell ones that are smaller.  Not sure about that. 
Have a good day folks.
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