Jul 22, 2017

Scaredy cats

Good grief it's sprinkling.  We need to take cover!


Holy cow was that thunder?   Move over Nit!  Can we both fit in this box?  There is no way we are going in that house no matter how often she calls us.  We can sense those flea med vials a mile away. 
Quote of the day -
You've reached senior status when shaving your lip takes priority over shaving your legs.
Hope your day is great.

Jul 21, 2017


You would think with a motif this simple, colored to make the placement so much easier, there would be few errors if any.  You would be oh so wrong. 
But I still love this.  The 3864 is a pink that isn't and perfect.  The house may be changed to a very light blue or gray.  I'm sorry I didn't dye the fabric a little darker and use the lighter threads as called for, but this is nice also.   Just a few needed changed because they were not visible on this color linen.
I saw two linens that melted my chocolate, both from Patti.  One is her finish on Murky from PTP and the other color is unknown to me but shown on her post, a Nash kit from County Sampler that I cannot get out of my head.  I may not want to stitch, but the desire for luscious linen is not fading.
Have a great weekend.

Jul 19, 2017

Page 4

...done, as you can see in the craptastic photo.  After two more short lines, on to the motifs and house, pages 5 and 6.  I'm very surprised that I'm this close to completion because the slump is still hanging heavy. 
This sampler was too appealing to not stitch even though much larger than the small projects I've kept to.  Am I ready for one of the larger reproductions with more detail?  Hell no.
 About the kidney thing - iced tea will not bother you and yes green tea has health benefits.  But anything in excess can have unintended consequences.  On hot days throughout the summer, I sometimes consumed a half gallon, the only liquid I would drink, which is another bad habit of forgoing water.  Black tea is worse than green, but more than 5-6 cups a day of either can affect the kidneys.  A cup of tea is less than half the amount of an iced tumbler, so my consumption was pretty high.  This doesn't mean everyone will have the same reaction but I do not have HBP, family history, or diabetes which are main factors of kidney disease, so this was the doctor's assessment of cause.  I've researched this online also and read about oxalate and polyphenols (in teas) being detrimental to kidneys in excess.
Don't be concerned about your tea!  If you drink it excessively, just cut back. I have for the last six months and I will get test results Friday.  Fingers crossed.

Jul 17, 2017

A cute chick, Polly too

The birds were back this morning and I wanted to show you the little ones.   You can see how tiny they are compared to the larger brood.   I am so nervous about Nitzy because he would definitely go after either one.  The young were lounging on the cool dirt with their wings spread and mommas were roaming.  NO!!!  Nit could grab one in a split second if momma is not there to scare him off.
See the little blur in front of the juveniles, right front?
Little guy left front.
This is Polly with three pages completed, not much stitching on page four to complete the right side.
Did all of Carole's shopping again this morning and I have been flashing for two days.  Continual.  Going for testing this week because of kidney disease.  I kept reading the benefits of green tea and my drink of choice for many years has been iced green tea.  Who knew that drinking a lot of it could cause kidney disease, stones, failure.  Black tea also.  A glass or two a day certainly won't hurt you, but this was my only beverage throughout the year.  No soda, no "pop".  I have no other conditions that would cause these numbers and this is what she attributed it to, after my own research, yep it is.
Have a good day!


Jul 16, 2017

Power flower

Hey all.  How was the weekend?  We had nice weather without rain for two days.  But I am still upset that July is half over because with the cold and then rain, it seems like summer is just starting, not half over. 
A few photos of yard stuff with those amazing Vista petunias.  The whiskey barrels are already covered and the plants have been trimmed twice.  These were transplanted single baskets, and because of the extra dirt and room for growth, they are three times the size of the others still in pots.

The white planter is the original pink Wave petunia.
This is also a Vista petunia in fuchsia.  It is still in a pot, no extra dirt like the barrel, but I assume it would get just as large.  Next year, this may be the color in the barrels.
We had visitors this morning, three hens and two different broods, both with only a few chicks. 
I'm making good progress on Polly, almost finished with page three.  If you remember, I offered three bags of floss with hundreds of skeins each because I had way too many.  So now, when I run out, I have no backup inventory.  That's OK. 
When I went into the room to check my floss box, I see my sampler sack down, feathers removed, cupboard door open, and dried parsnips that hung on the knob on the floor.  Missy was here.  What a brat.  Missy Mischief, or Punky Monkey as we sometimes call her.
This afternoon we attended a family graduation party and good thing we did.  I was planning a surprise birthday party for husband, his 70th, and was told by my cousin that he is indeed, not turning 70.  He will be 69.  Whew.  That would have been embarrassing.
I should be starting on page four this evening.  I don't believe I have any errands to run for Carole, that will be tomorrow.  She will be having the surgery within weeks if the cardiologist agrees to sign off.  He is debating and thinks her heart may be too weak for anesthesia, but another doc feels the risk is minimal.  Answers will come this week.
Have a great start to your week.
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 14, 2017

A diagnosis

that took three days and a full night in ER, something that should have been obvious from the symptoms, maybe one of the first things you look for, a condition that affects many people and is common .... but only after an echocardiogram, nuclear stress test, CT scan with dye, several ultrasounds of the lungs and legs for clots, an endoscopy, a few other tests with machines that are unknown to her, and a thwarted heart catheterization, it's her gall bladder.   I assumed they checked this and ruled it out but no, that test was after all the others.
Then she was having trouble breathing and called the nurse (a very good nurse as they all were) and after some research discovered that something in her IV was the cause.  Maybe mixed with the nuclear and dye injections, I don't know.  She was told in the lab that two of her meds cannot be taken for several days because of them.  It was handled and she is fine now.  She's decided to treat first before committing to surgery.  Since she has had such critical results to routine procedures, she is scared to death for even laparoscopic surgery.  We will wait and see after she is released this weekend with medication.  Her first episode with the gall bladder, and we hope the last, but time will tell.  If the surgery is absolutely necessary, she will consent and hope for the best.  General anesthesia could be life threatening with her weakened heart, she was told.
At least we have an answer!
Thanks for all your concern and best wishes.  You guys are the best.
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