Jul 27, 2015

Good grief

I opened a can of worms.  Better than a can of whoop-ass I guess. 
Thank you so much for all your help!  Jeannine you found what I couldn't and I thank you.  Kathy, Misi, Lisa, Sherry, Kathiquilts, a big thank you to all of you, too.  I wanted to reply with my gratitude but I can't!  You're all no-reply so I am thanking you here. 
My can of worms opened when I visited some of the sites recommended.  No no no.  I am not changing over to farmhouse style.  Industrial farmhouse. The uncluttered unique look.  The look I couldn't look away from.  The look I am searching for online.  NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  I'm not finished with all these projects and I'm dreaming of a different style.  Can't do it.  Yet I see a change a comin'.  And my mixed up brain cannot handle it. 
Some farmhouse and industrial can certainly be mixed with primitive, but I don't know about sparse colonial.  Look at these birds from Antique Farmhouse.  This is not me.  But I love them.  And these tin hearts.
And then there's Gershwin and Gertie and isabella sparrow that Jeannine pointed my brain to.  I know there are many many more I will discover if I search on this wicked device.  I need to step back.  Far back.  Take a deep breath, some chocolate, a towel for the sticky body, and an iced coffee.  Unplug.  Try to forget.  Keep in mind that the DEP is demanding sewage lines that will cost you $200 per month for the rest of your life plus $5000 in tap-in fees, new windows and siding are needed, your sister needs a car.  I shouldn't even buy the bee skep.  But I just spent another $100 on wool I'm not even using so why not this?  Once the can is opened, the lid can't be put back on. 
I need a pill but I can't swallow them.  I've not forgotten that Glenna (Eye of the Needle) posted "indecision=paralysis" and that is so true. Thinking about incorporating this style will set me back years.  I don't know if I am a true procrastinator or if my lack of decisions causes my immobility.  Projects, as you know, have been hanging around too long.  So has menopause.  At least the hot flashes have changed somewhat.  Now, instead of a rapid spontaneous combustion, it's a slow burn that sneaks up on me until I'm on fire and soaked.  Is it hot in here?  Is it getting warmer outside?  No.  It's your body on a #2 burner slowly rising to the #10 boil.
I'm leaving now.  My sister dropped off her tops for me to remove the stains.  I told her a hundred times, a drop of Lestoil for any grease, butter, oil.  Bar keeper's friend for rust spots from the washer. Biz for anything else.  I even gave her the products.  When people ask me if I have any children, I tell them yes I do, she's 77.
Later pals.

Jul 26, 2015


Does anyone know where I can purchase this tall bee skep?   I've seen them recently on a few blogs and Gable House Goods header. 
Searched online and haven't come up with anything.  Help!!
Not only have I been purchasing charts I will never stitch, I have been buying more wool for projects I've been planning for a year!  My interest in stitching is still waning and I may start the wool soon.

 But not before I finish Sally Fiske!  Must complete her before my mojo takes a break.
Have a good one!!

Jul 25, 2015

Peas in a pod

Greetings folks.  This is my slow progress on Ruth.  Vase and flowers to the right and I'm done.  Yes of course I changed a few colors.
But I wanted to show you Barb's work (Village Folk Art).   I am just so impressed with anything she creates.  Here are the Peas in a Pod.  Is this sweet or what?  She dyed the velvet to that pea shade and it's perfect.  Maggie Bonanomi design from her Thistle Down Moon book.
Then there's her fraktur (watercolor) and acrylic painting.  Love those pears!

Punch needle, cross stitch, wool applique, she does it all!  You probably have seen her work on her blog but I am just amazed that no matter what she does, it's that good.
And now something for Vickie.  Pink at night.
 The petunias are finally picking up and just glowing in the dark.
While working on the hoop last night, I found that flipping it onto your chest is the easiest way to run the thread ends.  Backwards is best!
For Ronda - you're no-reply so I'll answer you here.  That hoop is made by Lacis, available at JoAnn's online (coupon eligible), Amazon, and other craft sites.  I got mine at 50% off, didn't want to spend a lot just to try it out, and the hoop comes with it.  For additional larger hoops, Lacis website is here.
Beautiful days this past week, found a new Italian store in Boardman Ohio, finally checked out a new Subaru Outback.  My husband is attached to his old Explorer and having a difficult time with choosing a new vehicle. 
Have a great weekend!  The last one in July.  Can't believe it.

Jul 24, 2015

Grey Roots Video presents .....

the Hoop and I.  Attempt #2.  I deleted the first video from my tablet and didn't realize it was synced to all else and it disappeared. ????  Made a new one today.
(Edit - rec'd emails that the windows file won't play on iPads so I added the .mp4)
.wmv for windows

.mp4 for iPad

Jul 21, 2015

My head needs examined

She just did a post entitled I NEED A SMALL and with all these large projects in her stash, that she already vowed she could never stitch, and all the pain in the butt borders she hates, more so with little leaves off a vine, with so much fabric that she can't hold it, the dipstick just purchased this.
Ann Spence 1801 by GPA
Stitch count 269 x 424.  Pardon?  269 x 424.  So on 30 count it's 18" x 28"?  Yes you berrybrain and you bought it anyway.  Not only that, look at that border!  It's viney and has little leaves and it's 424 stitches down and then 424 back up.  Have you no shame?  Why do you keep buying things you just have to have yet know they will sit in your stash?  Oh Marly you're a real pip.

My husband is hitting the little ball into 18 holes tomorrow which would be a good time for me to do some lone shopping, but I much prefer taking advantage of having a quiet house to myself.  Perfect time to browse online for more samplers to add to the never-to-stitch pile.

I received my hoop stand and tried it.  Love the flip over!  I need to have it between my legs and a bit off the sofa in order to center on my lap so this model instead of the shorter base one is much better for me.  I found it very comfortable to angle it up and high, much less neck strain, easier to see since it's closer.

My left hand has to be beneath to push the fabric up in order to use the sewing method but I'm still playing with it.  I also like the unobstructed space beneath. All in all, for less than $25 including the nice thick hoop, I'm happy with it.  Originally I planned on ordering the 12" or 14" hoop for it but that would bring it too close to my chest, even though I don't really have one.  We'll work out a way to adapt it to a floor stand since the two piece adjustable post can be removed if I decide to use it all the time.  But maybe I won't adjust to it and prefer to stay with in hand stitching and Advil.

The sun is out again after a torrential rain, first we've had in a few days.  That break gave me an opportunity to fertilize the petunias since they dried out a little, but I think they are too far gone.

Have a great week!!
Thanks for visiting.

Jul 20, 2015

Shopping with men

Why?  Why would we do it?  Because they retire and want to tag along. 
I grabbed a pack of the dishcloths I always use, put them in my cart.  After spending 15 minutes looking at the towels and finding none that match, taking a stroll around the next aisle, I return and place the cloths back on the shelf.  Yes, I knew they no longer carry the towels that match, and wasted time looking for them anyway.  So what?  Yes, I knew I wouldn't purchase the cloths if the towels weren't there, and they wouldn't be, but you never know. Grab them and hold on to them until all resources and hope are gone.  Then put them back.  The look on his face with his hands in the air told me he just doesn't understand the concept of shopping.
There is always a huge mess in Wal-Mart when it comes to ladies underwear.  Sizes are all over the aisle, styles aren't together, and it takes quite a while to search for the aqua labeled hipsters with the wide band.  Michael Jordan and I both prefer Hanes.   Especially when you have to keep buying a larger size, it gets expensive if they are $4 a piece. I choose hipsters because the band digs in creating that final 6th roll for my personal 6-pack.  Not quite the abs 6-pack that is preferred in today's society, but my own nonetheless.  Looking for size *, size *, size *.... "here they are" he shouts.  So proud of himself for helping and expecting to move out of the long stint in the ladies' gotchies aisle.  Not so fast old man.  That pack has a pair of black in it and that funky bright green.  I want the pinks, blues, and grays.  "What?  Why?  You aren't going to walk down State Street with them so what does it matter?"  Little does he know.  Because if I ever have a desire to do just that, I want those colors.  I wouldn't, but just in case.  Again, does not understand.
We left after 60 minutes with no cloths and no underwear, less time than trying to hit a little ball into a hole 9 times.  At least I walked away with my money, more than I can say for him.  We're both looking, estimating, roaming around with a cart searching, changing stance, strategizing.  You pull a club, stand there with it for a while, study it, put it back and take another, focused on achieving your goal.  I don't see much difference.
Enjoy your day.
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