Apr 23, 2014

What's next?

Hiya.  How's the week going?  Mine has been unproductive so far.  I have so many tasks to do, and starting another before the prior is finished, is creating total confusion.  And nothing is done.  Much time was wasted looking for the yogurt I just started eating and set down somewhere.  I didn't want to wait until the odor led me to it, so I took the time to search.  Good thing I realized it was missing.
I'm not anxious to go through the charts and linen rolls to choose the next project.  I can't decide if I should use the Swiffer or Reveal mop, so how can I pick a project?  This afternoon I will make a hole in the clutter on the table, and paint some boxes if I can find my brushes.  I was using them to test wall paint samples and now....????  I'm sure when I start searching, something else will catch my eye, I will become distracted, and either change my mind about painting or forget what I was looking for.  The tall 4" oval was discontinued so I bought them all and have loads.  Some will be covered with fabric, some papered, some labeled.  I can be thinking about the next project while I'm working.  Eliza Pomeroy and Ann Wragg at still topping the list.
Cabinets will be coming next week and I need to decide on latex or oil based paint.  We will probably install them before they and the walls are painted because I don't have room to set them somewhere.  They are 36 x 42 and 52 x 42, plus the legs for a total of 54" in height.  Only one wall is being made right now.  He didn't have time for anything else so I took what I could get.  Saw these on Pinterest and loved the simplicity and clean lines.
I still like primitive, but am leaning more toward a very sparse look in every room.  I usually start simplifying in the spring and adding more and more as the year goes on.  Too much to take care of and dust.  I'm not 60 anymore.  When the cabinets arrive, I'll probably celebrate with a little giveaway. Yes, again.  Boring isn't it?  This time, it may be a pear.  That's little!!  I like them, but I don't need 12 (well...11 - I threw out the shamrock).  Well...10 - never did like that first one on Jobelan either!  Which was your favorite?  
OK.  Off the computer and on to hunting for brushes.
Thanks for visiting - enjoy the week's end.

Apr 21, 2014

Sweet Liberty

Hanging out with friends.
I'll bet a few more will join them.


Apr 20, 2014

Easter candy or lack thereof

Where is it?  What are these gifts?  Hats for the baby, puzzles for 5 the year old, jewelry for the 75 year old (sister), spices for the 70 year old (brother), money for the 20 somethings, golf bag for the 43 year old.  Where's the chocolate?  I'm not sure if color or chocolate is my nemesis, but they can both bring me down.  If I walked in to my two local chocolatiers (Philadelphia and Daffins), I would be in a glucose coma by the time I arrived home.  It's that bad.  I feel like an addict and need to stop.  There is no way Easter candy would have made it to the intended recipients.  I've tried hiding chocolate in the basement corner where spiders lurk, the freezer, the garage, attic way, my husband's car, thinking I can just take two a day from these inconvenient spots.  No.  I have to stop buying it completely and go through the withdrawal.

In the years before Mom came here, my spring cleaning would have been over by Easter.  What happened?  My entire life changed and even after she passed, I never got back into my prior routines.  When I heard that sis's friend is having a large sale at her church, I thought it would be a good time to start ridding.   A set of three spongeware patterned bowls, stuffed angels, new sweaters, pip berry garlands, stitched Santa pillows, and more to come.   These two patriotic sweaters were never worn and my husband is not a sweater guy, but he bought them because of the theme.
Made in the USA and the name of my last sampler!  Yes, these were bought years ago.  The Hilfiger is Pakistan.
And speaking of Liberty, she is finished and I'll show her tomorrow.  Guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning?  Meeting with Dominic.  His stepdaughter ripped out her entire kitchen even though he told her to wait until he was done with orders, which meant that she got her way and he had to drop everything to do it now.  Good.  I have a little change.  I should not have gone back to Phoebe Troyer's pins of her current home, but her style is exactly what I love.  Simplistic.  Stark with warmth.  Lighter paint colors.  It looks easy, but it takes a special talent to decorate like this.  I try to stay away from too many ideas/photos on that damn site, but I've been following her for some time. 
Geez.  Lots of yakking about nothing on Easter morning when I have a dinner to prepare.  Most will be done here with finishing at my sister's since my house is a mess.  It's going to be a warm and perfect day.  I hope yours is also.
Happy Easter!!

Apr 18, 2014


To everyone who will be celebrating Easter,
have a blessed and joyous day. 
 To those who will not be, give others the same respect and tolerance, that you demand for your beliefs.
A poor photo of The Lord's Prayer
 from Stoney Creek.
~ Happy Easter ~


Apr 16, 2014

The top twenty

Greetings.  The grass gave up and is covered.  The birds are shivering.  The cats are back inside.  They say it won't last long because it will climb to 40 degrees today.  Oh boy.  Get out the sandals.
Melissa at Words and Blooms asked - if you have 20 years to stitch one big sampler a year, what would they be?   That's a tough question. I would like to list samplers that I want on my wall, but someone else stitched.  I know that many of my wants are projects I would never tackle for whatever reason.  Lack of patience for a BAP, lots of over one stitching, beautiful borders requiring color changes every few stitches, to mention a few.  Is my aging a factor and would I have stitched more intricate samplers years ago?  Maybe.  But I'm still drawn to marking samplers because of their simplicity.  That's why I label myself a stitch wimp, and if I attempted some of these questionable projects, I may finish them without incident, but my gut tells me otherwise.  It wouldn't hurt to try, but I will only list samplers that I feel may actually be stitched, not just wishful thinking.
Could you choose a favorite from your completed samplers?  Even tougher!  Look at the samplers from Margaret, Glenna, Carol Sims, and bloggers that continue to work on the bigger and fancier girls.  Each one a treasure.  Hannah Breed is at the top of my list, but what about Lydia, Fanny, Mary, Safrona, Mary, Eunice, Mary, Thankful, Eliza, Margaret...the list goes on.  I love them all.
Isn't Liberty sweet?  Time to start thinking about who will be next.
Thanks for the kitchen comments.  When I saw that Penny has Smith's work in her home I had to stop myself from turning green.  He's in Ohio, I'm in PA and I'm sure I could have contacted him.  I've been visiting his site from the very beginning. The problem - we're retiring and I can't see justifying the cost of an entire new kitchen when we need to replace the cedar siding and windows. We're adding additional cabinets and details to what we have, which are solid wood and well built, new appliances, counter, sink and faucet. 
Still lots of decisions to make throughout the house and I have to wonder.  If I ever had the chance to build another home, would I be able to decide on a design?  Yes!  Starting with a clean slate is so much easier.  
I wonder how many items I will misplace today because the sampler bucket list will be distracting me.  Hopefully, no more than four.
Have a good one!
Thanks for visiting.

Apr 15, 2014

My buds are frosted

Stop snowing!!!!  Those aren't flowers on that crab tree, it's white crap.  All the trees and plants are coated but the greening grass refuses.  After being covered under a heavy blanket for so long, it is not allowing this stuff to smother any longer!! 
Dominic wasn't grasping the details or the design -so more days of relentless graphing and cardboard cabinets and templates of various sizes and foam board cutouts, ended with basics.  I give up. Working with existing sizes and a guy that doesn't deviate from standard wasn't easy. Tomorrow, only three cabinets will be built.  Good enough for now.  I drew the specs for the third cabinet while in the car outside the bakery.  Done. 
Five cabinet makers, and not one answered yes to my question .. "are you familiar with David T. Smith, Kevin Ritter, or Sunderland?" 
Liberty is almost completed and I hope to relax and catch up with the world this evening.  Right now I need to clear the kitchen of the mess and put a heat pack on my neck.  Tomorrow I will give in and buy bigger panties.  Hopefully there won't be a bakery close by.
I hope your week has started out well~
thanks for stopping by.
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