Jun 29, 2016

Ooooooh baby

It took three hours, but I think it was worth it. 
I may have to keep this one.



I'm so glad I waited to post the third number drawn!  I hesitated last night, wrote and saved the post this morning, decided to publish the new winner at noon, then went in the basement to open another bag of Dove dark, and voila!  There it was.  An email from the winner, Judy. 

So the blue fox will be on its way to a new home. 

I decided to bring the entire of bag of chocolate upstairs with me because I am working on labels.  Two flights to get a piece is asking a bit much of these damaged knees.  Also bummed about losing June so a few extra pieces today are warranted.

Linda, there was very little offensive language in the movie, just heard it a few times but still wondered about its use back then.  Most of the movie is grunting and groaning from injuries sustained by a mama grizzly attack that would have killed anyone else, let alone having the 1000 pound bear fall onto you with nary a broken bone.  But of course, Leo is a superior human being to us all, as are most of the Hollywood Hypocrites.

Have a few extra sweets today.

Jun 28, 2016

Not again

Geez.  I thought I could email the blue fox winner but nope.  No-reply.  She's not visited to see who won and I sure hope everything is OK.  I gave the first winner three days to claim, and this is longer so if I don't hear from her this evening, I will enter all the names once again and Random will choose another winner at 9pm tonight.
Haven't been getting much done because my sister's air conditioner has been failing, taking her to the dentist, and now repairing an old, solid picnic table that she didn't take care of. 
New boards, the metal needs blasted, bolts rusted off, what a job.  Mark said tell her to buy a new one.  I couldn't believe it!  This is what her heavy gauge steel with wood looks like (used to) and at Lowe's, it's $900!!!  Well the air conditioner is fixed and the teeth are being worked on so two out of three are taken care of.  But it certainly won't stop there.  One of these days I will probably do a rant about all this because sometimes it really gets to me. 
We rented The Revenant over the weekend and I have a question for you.  When did the F word become commonplace?  Back in 1823?  It must have been in writings found from those time periods.  Every time I see a depiction of early times and it is used over and over, I always wonder.  What a silly thing to think of.
Have a good evening.  I may be back after 9!


Jun 27, 2016


Before I forget - answers to no-reply.
Maureen, I enlarged the print of the free chart by 150% on the copier.
Debbie, the sampler chart is Lydia Durgin from Elizabeth's Garden.

I didn't think it was unusual for me to lose floss colors.  I have my favorites, use them often, yet they were disappearing.  ?  Tore the little parlor apart looking and ended up with more floss bags scattered than in the floss box.  Blamed it on my complete lack of organization and habit of misplacing items. 
Whenever I let Missy into the house she runs up the stairs.  But for several weeks she has been running into the parlor where I caught her a while ago, sleeping atop my linen and floss bags on the sofa.  But now when I try to get her back out, she is coming from behind it. 
So I took a peek thinking she may have dropped a mouse back there.  No.  It's my floss.  The bags must slide across the floor for fun but even more fun is taking a new skein and destroying it.  I don't always seal the bags properly and somehow she got her dirty little paw inside to pull out the thread.  There's quite a bit more beneath the sofa.  This tells you how often I dust my floors in what Mark calls "the stitching mess".  Little brat.

 I told you years ago that I was going to spray dye this sofa and of course, I haven't yet.  But I did use a light mist of Dawn to remove sizing and then spritzed it with plain water to check absorption.  My other furniture has duct tape on the Waverly fabric which did not hold up at all.  Some pieces are strong synthetic weaves but they also have broken threads.  If you have springs and solid furniture, is it worth it to reupholster or just buy new?  These sofas are very long at 84" and I'm leaning toward buying new and smaller. 
Would you trust a weathered brittle grapevine wreath to hold a large hanging basket?  I think it will be fine, can't break through all of it but I'll keep watching.

Can you hear me whining about June ending?  I am.  Loud and clear.

Have a good week.

Thanks for visiting.



Jun 26, 2016

Still blue

Greetings pals.  Was the weekend good?  Hope so.  But it's over now and the last week of June is upon us.  Damn.  Damn damn.  Slow down!
I haven't been browsing Pinterest as often as before but while sitting on the swing enjoying a breeze, I did.  Came across this free design from The Nebby Needle back in 2014.  Another small I think I would like to stitch, but where do I put it? 

When I was playing with dye and trying to get a dark gray blue, this piece took the color so far and then quit.  It's not as dark as the Fox fabric and is a long thin cut.  I thought of it as soon as I saw this chart.  That doesn't mean it's a good choice and I won't know until the floss is worked in.   Will I ever get that far?  There are decisions!  America in white, border in red, God Bless in gold?  Three color choices with many options for placement.  Maybe it would look best on light tan.
Speaking of the blue Fox (notice how sometimes it's capitalized and others not - just messing with you), I have not heard from the winner.  Probably busy with weekend fun so we'll give her a few more days.
My decision to follow the chart and not the photo on this sampler was a good one.  I don't mind all black pieces but that 3011 neutral really spares the monotony.  Doesn't this look good with it in the dividing bands instead of all black?
  This chart will be passed on to someone interested as soon as I am finished.
That's it folks.  Getting dark out here with hungry mosquitoes.
Thanks for visiting.

Jun 24, 2016

The last winner of the first offer

The second winner of the first giveaway which is the blue linen fox that was not chosen in the first drawing for the blue fox which had a brown fox added and confused everyone but obviously not Susan because she knew what she wanted and chose the brown which left the blue which brings us back to where we started.  .....  Random chose Heartland Stitcher.  I will be emailing you soon and when I remember where I put the fox so I wouldn't misplace it, I will pack it.   Thank you once again to everyone who participated in the great 65 giveaway. 
My brother still doesn't get it.  He wanted me to sell this heavy little stool that he painstakingly painted a great blue/teal for $5.  I was going to age it and then see if a local shop was interested.  Well, I got carried away and decided I better just pay him and keep it myself.  He can't believe what I did to it after his perfect paint job and still doesn't understand that chipped paint and rust sells easier than perfect paint.  It was really nice and could have been a great accent with a little edge aging but it's too late now.  Mine baby.  I'll give him $10 for it.
For those of you interested in seeing the tat brows, here they are.  They appear very exact and intense for the first few days and will soften within a week.  I will go back in 4 weeks for touch up or adjustment if needed.  From the middle out, I had six hairs at most.  This is a method called Soft-tap which is gentler than the traditional buzzing needle.  Some cosmetic artists make heavy diagonal lines to replicate hair and they look pretty phony.  Others do microhairs and a powdery fill look.  If you are interested, make sure you see photos of their work.  This method will fade entirely in about 5-6 years but last forever if you have them touched up every two years or less.  When mine start softening I will be able to see the details, right now the ink is pretty heavy.
  Hope everyone that is dealing with wicked weather is safe. 
Enjoy your weekend.
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