Oct 21, 2016

The fricking Fall giveaway winner

and a few other things.  First things first.  Paula's name was chosen as the winner, her entry was through email.

I can reply to your entry Paula and will do so soon.  Thanks to everyone that entered.
Do you remember the Death By Chocolate Zucchini bread?  Just wanted to tell you that yes indeedy it freezes well.  Came across it while searching for something else and it was wonderful.  Had my doubts about freezing because of the sort of dry and crumbly texture but it thawed moist and luscious.
I received two items in my mail today and both were a surprise and a delight.  Just so I don't run out of my stress relievers, Marti filled my jar with dark brown treats.  Packed in orange and black with a matching card!  Don't know what I did to deserve this!  Thank you so much Marti.  I think the dark brown foil wrappers will be less conspicuous than the bright red I leave everywhere.
And another gift from Lori!  Even though the poor girl had her order switched with another, she's gracious enough to send me this.  My first beaded fob.  Love it!  The sweet owl bead in pink is a reminder of my accomplished stitcher SIL, lover of owls, a pink warrior gone too soon.  Thank you Lori.
Two wonderful surprises today!
I had a few minutes to peruse The Attic's newsletter and my eyes popped when I spotted this.   This is the Ann Marsh Sewing Roll from The Examplarery.  Kit form and completely filled with stitches.  Absolutely stunning, not something I believe I could stitch.  The kit is pricey because of the materials involved, and for some reason, silk and I do not play well together.  But I just couldn't stop thinking about this remarkable project.  Odd isn't it, when I can't even get a chubby Santa finished?
I'm still trying to get the last few (and I mean few) boxes completed, journals, and whatever else is left.  
Working on Santa this evening after removing much stitching because of an error.  That's OK, nothing new, and I didn't lose my cool. 
Have a great weekend folks.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 18, 2016

Plan B

No sale.  Not enough to fuss with.  I will make more and if they don't all sell, that's OK too.  So instead and until then, if you would like either of these sets, you know the drill.  Leave your initials in a comment on this post to choose ONE of these sets, your choice.  If you are AOL or Yahoo, please email your entry because they do not come through and it takes quite a while to check entries from the blog to see if any are missed. OK?  Email link is at the top right column, if you receive this by email and do not visit the blog, click this to send ....
Giveaway number ....  ?????  Does it really matter? 
We'll just call this one the Fricking Fall giveaway.  OK?
Your choice of the rose color,

or green color, tied with a tan ribbon.
Not shown here because they would be stacked and you couldn't see the squares.  OK?  If you don't want to use them as measures, you can hang one on a basket or stitchery bag, a knob, you get the idea right?  OK.

I'll draw a name by Random.org whenever the hell I feel like it.
Sorry.  Today we are showing reruns of Day of the Snark.  I am wearing my Release the Snark bracelet from Lauren and as you can tell, it's working.
Let's do Friday night at 8pm. 
Supernatural is on Thursday and I don't want to miss Sam and Dean.  OK?


Oct 17, 2016

And for the last time

there will be a small sale this weekend.  I only have a few sets, a few hornbooks, maybe some of the journals I found buried in the closet.  Mark wanted to cut more acrylic but I think you've probably had enough.  If I could settle my brain and choose one or two designs it would be much easier.  But I can't.  This is the last one I made today, I love it, and I'm keeping it.  If there are many of you wanting sets, I may continue but .....
As for the sale, since there are so few, I may do an Ebay thing for three days.  So many tell me that they aren't able to get to the computer at the time of the sale and I always receive many requests for early sales. When I have a good inventory that's fine, but not this time.  Last sale was a total of 73 pieces, this will only be maybe 10. 
Santa is not going very well.  I thought I was pulling a thread from the darker pieces but obviously not.  There is a large area of the same shade instead of the variation I was hoping for and I was waiting to see if more progress made it acceptable.  I think the more I fill in the more noticeable it is.  If this continues, I will remove a few rows and stick in darker threads because so far, not acceptable.
Sorry to be boring you with all the square posts but I had fun choosing and matching, no one else to share it with!   And from the various options I showed, you can see that my lack of decisiveness applies to everything I do.
Thanks for visiting.

Oct 15, 2016

Bristle feather trees

Hiya.  Visited Meander Hill in Austintown today.  It wasn't planned but when I saw their post of two 20 year old DR Dimes red crackle bowbacks for less than half of the new price, I told husband to get the keys!  As you know, I am directionally challenged and can get lost in a store.  So he drives while I white knuckle.  There was construction and detours and orange cones everywhere.  I almost had him turn back.  Anyway, the chairs came home with me.  The store is decorated for Christmas and lovely.  Lots of great items, two floors in a converted barn.
Now for the tree.  I've been asked every year if I know of any place that has the type of tree that I have my ornaments on.  Well, this year, Meander has a 50" and a 72" bristle feather tree (not real feather of course) and they will post photos of the tree on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/meanderhill/. It was really difficult to not purchase another tree that I do not need.
I asked if they would ship and they do have some trees still in their box so if you would like one, please message or call them.  Very nice trees, the 6' is $75.  Reasonable for this style and very hard to find.  Just thought I'd let you know!

Oct 14, 2016


I'm out of acrylic and won't be doing any more.  Maybe in a few weeks.  These are the wallet series.  This first one's middle should be much darker green to match the others but I decided to keep it for myself instead of working it more.
This set looked good with the bargello or the queen, I chose queen. 
Because I am.
I love the darker background with the stag also.


 But from the beginning, customers and husband agreed, this is the best.  Made for Ann, (who hasn't received it yet!) with a piece flaunting her initials.

They need to cure a few more days and will be leaving my home Monday.  Since the printer is not as sharp and these are tiny stitches, I used a high gloss finish to accentuate detail.
Several readers were kind enough to inform me that I did in fact give away the October freebie.  Whew.  It's a relief to know that there is sometimes a valid reason for an item to be missing.
Feels good to take a break.
Thanks for visiting!!
Enjoy the weekend.


Excuses excuses

for not making good progress on Santa.  How long has this been going on?  Why can't I let it go and just ship and settle?  Three packages were mailed to correct my error and the missing one.  I am still disgusted with the print quality, and I must stop this and move on.  How can something so frustrating be so much fun?

Carole's birthday is tomorrow and I planned on making a roaster of stuffed cabbage, but her back is so bad she prefers to stay home.  After taking her for the license renewal, she will go back on the heat, her driver (moi) will take her to the chiropractor Monday.   Mark is still finding mushrooms and met some other fellows in the woods.  They started talking and when he mentioned pizzarelles, the guys went nuts.  They had tasted them and the few people that have old man Joe's recipe, aren't talking.  Mark told them how to make them because life is too short to not enjoy all you can.
  Here it is if anyone is interested.  They are like the zucchini cakes and we've adapted this to other veggies too.  Also on the recipe blog.  The mushrooms can be sautéd separately if you want to release their water.
 Middle of October.  Damn.  I came across this photo and it took me a while before I realized it was a freebie from me.  Then I wondered where it was.  Did I have a giveaway for this?  Too lazy to start searching through the blog so someone let me know please.  Then I can stop wasting more time looking for it (not the chart - the finished piece).  Where has my mind wandered off to?
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.


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