Nov 22, 2014

Mary's house

Hiya.  Another weekend already.  I lost two weeks to being fogged up on meds and can't believe the date.  Do you feel the year is ending way too quickly?  I hope winter goes as fast.
Mary's charted colors are GAST (not all of which I had) or blends of two DMC shades and because I'm lazy, I chose to use one. Just to make it easier.  I'm ready for the house which looks like this.
I have Blueberry GAST which has quite a bit of magenta/purple shading.  I'm not sure if I will use it or a DMC blend of 3860/3768. 
Her Lord's Prayer is not complete, words carry to the next line, rows touch, a little confusing to stitch, but hides a multitude of errors.  She's different and the house is really what drew me to the design.  But she kind of reflects many of my days.  The alphabet starts out uniform and neat (the first hours of my day), then a squirrely line ends that and letters become random and uneven like my schedule.  The bright colors represent the hot flashes and their slant shows I'm going off-balance.  Then all hell breaks loose and my words run together, bumping into one another, sentences aren't completed, and I lose all direction.  Hopefully I will finish her soon because I saw a few Christmas designs that I would like to work on and plan to order this weekend.
Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!
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Nov 20, 2014

Just do it

Hello people.  Got snow?  Good grief!  Some areas have been hit hard so am I going to accept my few inches with a smile and be thankful?  Hell no.  I'm crabby and will stay that way.  It's the nature of the bitch beast.  Temps are supposed to rise which is good because every morning my pounding head has to search the house for escaped brats.
Yesterday I received a note from Jean at The Attic and the Nash bag is traveling to Mesa as we speak.  It was very quick, not much time to say goodbye, but I'm OK with it.  Adios!  You were a lovely visitor but a little too good looking and neat for me.  So here's the thing - I had a little pang of panic when I realized that really experienced and serious stitchers will see it, maybe look closely.  I think we all feel that our work is never quite as perfect as we would like, our errors are sometimes left in, our placement a few stitches off, the finished seams maybe not be straight.  Let it go.  It's from our hands and no one's hands are the same.  Never be embarrassed or feel it's not good enough.  There's nothing wrong with striving for needlework perfection and many of you achieve it, enjoy competing, and are very proud of your work.  Me?  When it's for my own pleasure, I could care less.  I drop it on the floor, eat while stitching, threaten it with flame, my threads are very uneven and twisted, tension depends on hot flashes......but it's me.  My handwork.  A reflection of my attitude toward stitching?  Yes.  I don't take it too seriously.  A reflection of my style?  Yes.  I prefer things that look old and used.  I've said before, the benefit of primitive pieces is that people don't know if your house is really dusty or if those pieces are old and actually look like that.  Same with my stitchery.  If anyone would criticize your work, just tell them you strive to be as perfect as they are but aren't there yet.
If your stitching pleases you - perfect.  If you would like it to be better - go for it.  But if you hesitate because you think it won't be as good as other's - let it go and just do it.  Don't ever think that it's not good enough because as with any work of hands, it will always be different than others.  With many reproductions having error after error of all sorts, we still celebrate it!  Were their stitches perfect?  No.  Maybe after many years they became so, but it didn't make their first pieces any less important. 
 Just do it.  Have fun.  Keep a match handy.

Nov 18, 2014

Box blahs

Greetings from a very cold and snow covered street on which a crabby sick lady lives. 
 I should have had boxes ready for shipping by now but it's not happening.  One reason is being ill, the other is the dwindling supply of boxes except for a few with warped lids sitting on the shelves.  My dozens of tall ovals are not what I expected, no longer available, and the reason I don't order online any longer.  For the few I have, I went Antrim nuts, modifying to fit shapes (you can see them under the Box tab). The other two are 5" squares with two lid designs.  If a sale will be offered, I will do a blog post with the date and time along with prices before listing them.

The 8" square and 6" round are not in stock at my local supplier and I'm still waiting.  Hobby Lobby breaks the sets apart and sells them individually, will not break open another set for just one or two and I need way too many of one size.  Aren't you tired of these anyway?  I want to do something different and when my brain is no longer fogged, I may come up with an idea.  Because of Jamie at Cricket Bug the only idea in my head right now is peanut butter pie.  I've gained over 5 pounds because ice cream melting in my mouth was the only thing I could swallow.  And I did!  Many half gallons of it but it really did help with the throat pain and burning. 
I emailed The Attic a while ago asking if they wanted the Nash bag or my Christmas pear for the auction but never received a reply.  Their newsletter said they were taking donations but I preferred getting the OK from them first before mailing.  They always have such lovely items from their generous customers and stitchers offered for bid .

 Time to drink another shot of bad tasting medicine and find a roaming brat.  I heard her jump the barrier so the hunt is on. 
Hope you stay well and have an enjoyable week.
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Nov 15, 2014

Still waiting

to breathe normally, have my voice return, for tooth and cheek pounding to stop, for reduction of the two cold sores inside my bloated nose, to stop wearing three layers of sweats, to sleep through the night.  A trip to Urgent Care this morning yielded an Rx that makes you vomit.  Oh goody.  I'll have to do that standing up because the pounding pressure will create an explosion if I bend my head down.  Hopefully will start feeling better in a few days.  
Haven't done much at all including stitching.

We've had light snow and cold temps so naturally the brats want to spend all their time inside.  I forgot about how they cause a sore throat and sniffles since I was already experiencing much more.  My Land's End order makes me as happy as the Land's End box makes them.  Even more so when I crush catnip in the bottom.

I haven't been reading but did catch a few blogs once in a while.  Hope the week went well for everyone and the upcoming one will be even better. 

The wonderful show in Peninsula Ohio is today and looks like a fabulous gathering of talent.  If you haven't viewed the blog, take a minute to browse some of the showcased artists here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Nov 11, 2014


to all Veterans, to all who served then and now, and their families that support them.
Losing the WWII generation is one of our greatest losses.

I will be gone for the week.  I am so sick I can't swallow.  My glands are so swollen I no longer have a neck.  My husband is keeping the ice cream stocked.

Nov 9, 2014

Not much progress on anything

Hello people.  It's a spaghetti and sausage Sunday afternoon for my tired old body.  Exhausted is more like it. My carpet machine is really hard to push and pull and it made no difference in the heavily soiled traffic areas in Carole's upstairs.  It all needs replaced.  I told her to let it go since it's only storage and she can't get up there anyway.  I will have to hire out the first floor including walls because I'm just spinning my wheels.  Her very limited income doesn't allow for a cleaning service.  If she can't get it in order for them to come, then it doesn't get done.  This isn't the first time I've gone through this.
My progress on Mary Lamina..
I will be working on boxes this afternoon and will not have as many as I did before along with a few mini, medium, and large journals.  This was an order for Mary Antrim and I only have one more box for this one.  The sampler sold for over a million and the image is in public domain.
Spaghetti is one of my favorite meals, but I already ate two donuts and a bunch of ranch Doritos.  Such a pig.  I've been talking about seriously trying to lose weight but always put it off for tomorrow.  Mark and I just cleaned the yard of leaves again but there's no calorie burn calculator on the rake handle or blower.  No idea if it cancelled out a donut.
Hope your week will be a good one.
Thanks for visiting.
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